Trumpets and Flugelhorns

Some call it alchemy…. maybe it’s more like magic. Maybe it’s both.

However you describe the process of building a custom horn, know that it transforms pieces of brass parts into something more – more vibrancy, more richness, and more responsiveness to every performance environment.

Behind each one of our instruments is nearly four decades of experience from Tony Scodwell, a master craftsman and one of the greatest players of our time, who spends hours testing each horn under performance conditions. Since 1988, Tony has been curating the highest quality materials and assembling his horns one at a time, for an instrument with unmatched balance, finesse and pizzazz.

The Standard

Big, bold sound for all acoustic environments
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The Boston

Round tonal quality for symphonic, studio and jazz environments
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Exceptional responsiveness and flawless intonation
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Custom Options & Accessories

Inspiration in custom-designed instruments
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